Are you ready to Elevate Your Talk?

In today’s world, time is short – and attention spans are shorter. How can you get your work to stand out from the crowd?

Elevator Talk gives you the tools needed to distill significant work into a powerful, concise message.

What is an Elevator Talk?

Think elevator pitch: an interesting and brief introduction to your work and its importance.

And when we say brief, we mean…30 seconds. (University researchers get 60!)

Why use these guides?

  • We have worked with over 1000 researchers and professionals around the world (since 2000).
  • The guides help you focus your message for a specific audience.
  • The exercises are creative and fun!
  • You can create a customized Elevator Talk in less than an hour.

The next person you run into at a conference (or in an elevator) might be your next opportunity.

Order today, and be prepared with an Elevator Talk of your own!